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This is the dominant principle that guides us in working with our customers.

Yes, there are basic conditions for cooperation that we focus on. And at the same time, we are absolutely clearly aware that you also have your own guidelines and preferences on various aspects of partnerships.

We take into account your particularities as much as possible, carefully consider your needs and always strive to find a compromise even in the most difficult situations.

In addition to the “standard” set of comfortable delivery conditions (deferred payment, discounts, prompt and complete execution of applications, delivery at our own expense to large cities), we have other advantages:

we are ready to start cooperation even with small parties, so that you can determine your turnover by products in an acceptable mode for yourself and subsequently order volumes that are guaranteed to be realized;

joint implementation of the “Own Trademark” projects if you are interested in promoting your own brand or in the supply of an exclusive product;

an official representative office in Russia, which removes obligations from our Russian partners to pay import VAT and import clearance;

– and most importantly – the desire to develop success with you!

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