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Ginseng + Eleutherococcus

Dietary supplement "Ginseng+Eleutherococcus"

tabl. 500 mg №30

One tablet contains active ingredients:
  • extract of the root of ginseng - 80 mg;
  • extract of Eleutherococcus - 100 mg

And ginseng, and eleutherococcus (which is also called “Siberian ginseng”) have a similar adaptogenic and toning effect on the body. Therefore, the combination of extracts of these plants in the dietary supplement “Ginseng + Eleutrocrococcus” gives rise to natural synergism and enhances the effect of both components.

On the medicinal properties of the root of ginseng, even legends were composed. The root of this plant not only heals from illnesses, but also can put on the feet of a person who is at death.

The root of ginseng contains alkaloids, resins, vitamin C, sulfur and phosphorus, tannins, as well as micro- and macro elements. Ginseng has a calming effect with neuroses and stresses. The plant is used for mental and physical overstrain, with depression and hypotension.

Eleuterococcus has a tonic, stimulating, adaptogenic and gonadotropic effect, increases mental and physical performance, stimulates appetite, strengthens immunity and increases resistance to adverse environmental factors.

The action of dietary supplement “Ginseng + eleuterococcus” is based on a combination of the properties of its extracts:

  • stimulate the work of the central nervous system;
  • increase resistance to stress;
  • helps to cope with physical and mental overwork;
  • improves protein, carbohydrate and mineral metabolism;
  • increases the value of the cardiovascular system;
  • is used in the complex treatment of neurasthenia, asthenia, nervosa, arterial hypotension, diabetes mellitus, impotence, atherosclerosis, radiation sickness.

The dietary supplement “Ginseng + Eleutherococcus” take 1 tablet in the morning. Since the drug has a powerful stimulating effect on the central nervous system, admission after 16-00 is recommended only to people who need active wakefulness late at night or at night: truck drivers, evening workers and night shifts at enterprises, students in the time of passing exams and tests .


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