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Zinc Chelate

Dietary supplement "Zinc Chelate 24 mg"

Table 600 mg No. 30

Strong immune system and antioxidant protection! Где купить?
The content of active substances in one tablet:
  • Zinc - 24 mg

Studies show that zinc is involved in the processes of hematopoiesis, supports the work of the organs of taste and smell, and accelerates wound healing.


Participates in the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids necessary for proper muscle growth and development
Supports the work of the immune system – helps to strengthen the production of immune cells and their protection from destruction
Improves cognitive functions – zinc participates in the formation of brain cells, contributes to the normalization of nerve cells, improves attention and memory
Preserves beauty – supports the processes of regulation of sebum production, keratin and collagen production, which can have a positive effect on the health and beauty of the skin, hair, nails
Slows down the aging process – the antioxidant properties of zinc can help slow down the processes of cellular aging
Supports reproductive function – is included in the structure of the hormone thymulin, as well as the male sex hormone dihydroxytestosterone, promotes the realization of sexual function of men and women

Zinc Chelate is the maximum digestibility of zinc, active protection against viruses, support for the beauty and health of the body. The active substance – zinc bisglycinate – helps to increase the body’s resistance to viruses, improve collagen synthesis, Anti-Age effect, restore normal seboregulation of the skin, including the scalp, participates in the process of spermatogenesis.


inside, for persons over 18 years of age, 1 tablet per day during meals, the duration of reception is 1 month. If necessary, the reception can be repeated. It is recommended to consult a doctor before use. At the same time, do not take products containing zinc.



individual intolerance to the components of the product,

pregnancy, breast-feeding.



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