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About Us

About Us

Everyone dreams of being healthy and beautiful. And this desire does not depend on age or wealth.

It just is. Everyone: boys and girls, men and women, the elderly.

Parents want their children to be healthy.

Adult children care about the health of their parents.

Loving – about lovers.

The main goal of Bioterra LLC is to help people to be healthy and beautiful.

How we achieve our goal:

– a team of professionals is working on the creation of products, from identifying the most popular positions to carefully selecting active ingredients and formulating recipes that can support and restore the work of various human organs, as well as make up for the lack of vital vitamins and minerals;

– in the production process only high-quality raw materials are used, which guarantees safety and efficiency of use;

– all stages of production comply with the requirements of the HACCP standard and Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 021/2011 “On Food Safety”, which ensures compliance with all parameters of the production process;

– the assortment policy of our company is focused on the development of a wide range of drugs to maintain and improve the activity of all organs and systems of the body;

– The sales strategy of Bioterra LLC is aimed at direct cooperation with pharmacy chains, which allows us to maintain the most comfortable prices for the company’s products on pharmacy shelves and makes them affordable for the general population.

Our special pride is a team of professionals. Whether it is the department of the chief technologist, production, supply, commercial or financial services. High professionalism and experience of employees, the desire to achieve a common goal, a unified team spirit – this is what allows us to create products that help you maintain and restore health and well-being!

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