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Dietary supplement «Klimasfera»

caps. 500 mg №60

One capsule contains active ingredients:
  • extract of pink spike - 30 mg;
  • magnesium citrate-200 mg,
  • vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) - 10 mg,
  • vitamin A (retinol acetate) - 0.384 mg,
  • sodium selenite-0.045 mg.

It is recommended to maintain the functional state of the body of women in the menopause, restore the hormonal balance of the body, strengthen the vascular wall of the capillaries, thus improving capillary blood circulation and nutrition of tissues, helps regulate the balance of estrogens, providing a mild sedative, relaxing and spasmolytic effect.

The main ingredient of «Klimasfera» has a positive effect on menopausal disorders, is black cohosh. The main group of active substances are triterpene saponins – actene derivatives. Black cohosh does not contain classical phytoestrogens, such as genistein and formononetin. According to recent reports, the mechanism of the pharmacological effect pink spike associated with estrogen receptor modulation, supplemented effect on the CNS, which generally contributes to reduction of climacteric (vasomotor, vaginal and psychological) symptoms, as well as inhibition associated with decreased levels of estrogen destructive processes in the bones lead to osteoporosis . Pink spike has an osteoprotective effect, increasing the activity of osteoblasts. Moreover, relatively recently it is shown that black cohosh may be a good addition to hormone replacement therapy – a combination of black cohosh and estrogen is more effective than estrogen alone. In addition, black cohosh inhibits the growth of hormone-dependent breast cancer cells and can thereby act as oncological prophylactic agent.

The positive effect of pink spike is supplemented by the presence in the formulation of dietary supplements fat-soluble vitamins, selenium and magnesium salts.

Magnesium deficiencymanifests itself in the form of insomnia, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine, muscle cramps, cardiac arrhythmia, premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Violation of the hormonal background requires the intake of vitamin A, as it reduces the sensitivity of the breast and genital organs to estrogen, is a powerful antioxidant, and also has a beneficial effect on the skin and mucous membranes, increases skin elasticity, and reduces dryness.

Supplements “Klimasfera” replenishes the lack of vitamin E, as its content in the serum in the menopausal period is almost two times lower than in the norm.

Selenium is used as a powerful antioxidant agent that prevents the oxidation of free radicals and, accordingly, reduces the risk of developing cancer. Also selenium improves the function of the sex glands, heart, thyroid, immune system.

«Klimasfera» can be considered as a means to reduce the adverse effects associated with menopause, contributing to the regulation of the balance of estrogens, providing a mild sedative, relaxing and antispasmodic effect.


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