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Dietary supplement "Glucose-vitA" with natural berries extracts

tabl. 2,6g №10

One tablet contains active ingredients:
  • Glucose 1080 mg;
  • Vitamin A-200 mcg
Natural extracts of berries:
  • cowberry
  • sea buckthorn
  • blueberries
  • dog rose

Dietary supplement “Glucose-vitA” сombines the energy power of glucose, the antioxidant properties of vitamin A and a storehouse of biologically active substances in natural berries.

The main benefit of glucose is the maintenance of the functioning of the most important physiological processes:

  • breath;
  • muscle contraction;
  • heartbeat;
  • regulation of body temperature.

About 50% of the energy needed by the body, people get through the use of glucose-containing foods, as well as glycogen (excess of grape sugar) stored in the liver and muscles.

In addition, glucose has a strong effect on the central nervous system. After all, the brain, neurons and developing red blood cells use only this monosaccharide as a source of fuel, and in case of insufficient intake of carbohydrates, reserves of glycogen are used.

Vitamin A has a key influence on many vital processes in the body:

  • Vision. Vitamin A is very important for photoreception, it is necessary for the synthesis of visual pigment in the retina;
  • Immunity. Vitamin A depends on the normal functioning of the immune system. During the reception of retinol the barrier functions of the mucous membranes increase, the phagocytic activity of leukocytes increases, as well as other non-specific factors affecting immunity. Vitamin A protects against influenza, colds, respiratory infections, prevents the occurrence of infections in the digestive tract and urinary tract;
  • Skin. Vitamin A is necessary for the full restoration of epithelial tissues (skin and mucous membranes consist of them). Therefore, retinol is included in the complex treatment of almost all skin diseases (psoriasis, acne, etc.). In case of damage to the skin (wounds, sunburn) vitamin A accelerates skin regeneration, stimulates collagen production, reduces the risk of infections;
  • Antioxidant properties. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant, improves cell regeneration and fights against free radicals, especially the anti-carcinogenic benefits of vitamin A, it treats cancer, it is often included in post-operative therapy to prevent the appearance of new tumors. Retinol protects the brain’s cell membranes from the effects of free radicals (even the most dangerous – oxygen radicals and polyunsaturated acids). As an antioxidant, vitamin A is needed to prevent heart disease and blood vessels. It increases the level of “useful” cholesterol and facilitates the state of angina pectoris.

Natural extracts of berries (cowberry, sea buckthorn, bilberry, dogrose), which absorbed the healing power of nature, supplement the useful properties of the product with a whole set of biologically active substances, minerals and vitamins inherent in each of these plants, which have proved their effectiveness in the service of health for centuries.

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