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How does the Climasphere help cope with the manifestations of menopause?

“Climasphere” is a 500 mg capsule containing 200 mg of magnesium citrate, 30 mg of cimicifuga extract, 10 mg of vitamin E (tocopherol acetate), 0.384 mg of vitamin A (retinol acetate), 0.045 mg of sodium selenite in one capsule.

Why exactly these components?
The main group of active ingredients of tsimitsifugi are triterpene saponins – derivatives of actein, which, when exposed to a woman’s body as a whole, help to reduce menopause (vasomotor, vaginal and psychological) symptoms, as well as slow down the destructive processes in the bones, leading to osteoporosis, associated with a decrease in estrogen levels. The positive effect of tsimitsifugi is supplemented by the presence of fat-soluble vitamins, salts of selenium and magnesium in the composition of the “Climasphere”.

Magnesium citrate is designed to fill the deficiency of magnesium, which can manifest itself in the form of insomnia, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine, muscle cramps, cardiac arrhythmia, premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Disruption of the hormonal background requires the intake of vitamin A, since it reduces the sensitivity of the breast and genitals to estrogens, is a powerful antioxidant, and also has beneficial effects on the skin and mucous membranes, increases skin elasticity, and reduces dryness. Reception of “Climasphere” also helps to fill the deficiency of vitamin E, since its content in the blood serum in the menopause is almost halved compared to the norm.

Selenium is used as a powerful antioxidant that prevents the oxidation of free radicals and, accordingly, reduces the risk of cancer. Selenium also improves the function of the sex glands, heart, thyroid gland, and immune system. Thus, the complex effect of all components of the climacteric sphere deliberately helps to reduce and even eliminate the symptoms of menopause.

How is green coffee in capsules different from green coffee for brewing?

There are two very important features here:

– firstly, exposure to high temperatures when brewing green coffee destroys chlorogenic acid, the active substance that green coffee owes its weight loss effect. At the same time, the capsule protects the active substance from destruction upon contact with air and, dissolving in the intestine, releases it in an almost unchanged form;

– secondly, the capsules contain a highly concentrated extract of green coffee, in which the mass fraction of chlorogenic acid is at least 50%. Those. in one capsule of the Green Coffee with Ginger dietary supplement contains at least 100 mg of chlorogenic acid. To get such an amount from a drink, you need to drink several cups of brewed green coffee! Therefore, taking capsules of “Green Coffee with Ginger” is not only more convenient, but also much more effective for losing weight!

But do not forget about physical activity. 🙂

What does Forte mean in the title "Motherwort Forte"?

“Forte” in Italian means “strong, strong.” Supplement “Motherwort Forte” contains an increased amount of motherwort extract (300 mg in one tablet), which is due to its enhanced effect.

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