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Ascorbic acid

Food supplement “Ascorbic acid” with sugar

twisting, No. 10

Rainbow of aromas:
  • Flavorous melon;
  • Noble cherry;
  • Green apple;
  • Refreshing lemon;
  • Sweet strawberry;
  • Juicy orange;
  • Ripe raspberry;
  • Tropical banana;
  • Exotic kiwi.
  • For lovers of classics- ascorbic acid without any aroma, with a light, clean sourish taste.
Active substance
  • ascorbic acid - 25 mg.

Benefits of vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Ascorbic acid is an active participant in the most diverse processes occurring in the body, however, it is not possible to synthesize this vitamin, so you need constantly get it with food or additionally as a food supplement.

Signs and symptoms of vitamin C deficiency:

  • Bleeding gums, loosening and loss of teeth, the appearance of pinpoint hemorrhages and “causeless” bruises, as well as slow healing of wounds, varicose veins and hemorrhoid;
  • Dryness and peeling of the skin, appearance of premature wrinkles and goose-skin, fragility and hair loss;
  • Visual impairment;
  • Poor concentration of attention, irritability or depression, insomnia;
  • Weakness, lethargy, fatigue, loss of appetite;
  • Regularly and protracted colds, infectious diseases, inflammation of mucous membranes;
  • Overweight.

Main functions of Ascorbic acid are following:

  • Restorative action. By stimulating the synthesis of interferon and antibodies in the body, vitamin C significantly enhances immunity. This is an excellent preventive tool that helps with colds, as well as the flu.
  • A powerful antioxidant. Ascorbic acid is useful in that it normalizes the redox processes in the human body, and promotes the excretion of various compounds of heavy metals – mercury, lead, copper- out of the body. It also cleans the vessels, makes them less perceptive, more elastic and strong. Under the pressure of vitamin C, dense cholesterol is excreted from the body, cholesterol particles dissolve.
  • Restoring function. This substance is involved in the formation of collagen fibers, it heals wounds and various injuries on the body. Vitamin C is needed to restore the function of connective and bone tissue.
  • Process of hematopoiesis. Ascorbic acid is very useful in anemia, because it assists the absorption of iron, stimulates the production of hemoglobin.
  • Metabolism. This substance enhances the action of tocopherol – vitamin E – and ubiquinone, and also promotes the production of L-carnitine (responsible for the breakdown of fats).

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