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Hit sorbent

Dietary supplement "Hit sorbent"

table 700mg No. 20

The content of active substances in one tablet:
  • Microcrystalline cellulose - 448.5 mg;
  • Silicon dioxide – 210.0 mg.
Indications for use:
  • food poisoning;
  • allergies and dermatitis;
  • diets for weight loss;
  • violation of gastrointestinal peristalsis.

Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) has a non-specific detoxification effect. MCC binds various microorganisms, their waste products, toxins, allergens, xenobiotics, holds them on the surface of their particles and removes them through the gastrointestinal tract. MCC is not soluble in water and does not undergo cleavage in the gastrointestinal tract. In the stomach, microcrystalline cellulose actively absorbs liquid, swells, increasing in volume several times. MCC causes a feeling of satiety and thereby prevents chronic overeating. By irritating the intestinal receptors, MCC enhances its peristalsis and thereby eliminates the stagnation of chyme. At the same time, there is a mechanical cleansing of the intestinal mucosa, which improves parietal digestion and
intestinal absorption function. After regular intake of MCC, the assimilation of food, especially vegetables and fruits, as well as medicines becomes more complete.
Silicon dioxide does not dissolve in water or alcohol, has no taste and smell, passes through the gastrointestinal tract of a person in an unchanged state, is completely excreted from the body. Silicon dioxide has found wide application as an absorbent, it removes slags and toxic substances from the human body. Silicon dioxide preserves the normal components of the flora of the gastrointestinal tract without disturbing digestion.


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